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July 2008

By Rochelle - Posted on 25 July 2008

Upcoming events


26 July - Copenhagen, Denmark.
It's too late to register, as the event is full and registration is closed, but for information and updates check the UNICON website
Good luck to all the Australian unicyclists (go you good things) in Denmark for UNICON!

AUS at the Melbourne Juggling Convention

26-28 September 2008, Collingwood College
With support from the AUS, the Melbourne Juggling Convention will host a mini unicycling festival for the first time as part of its festivities. Melbourne AUS members are working to put together a programme of organised unicycle events, in addition to the free riding in the dedicated unicycle hall - see below.

  • Special Guests
  • Dedicated Unicycle Hall
  • Lentil As Anything - Caterers
  • Juggling and Unicycle Olympics
  • Open-Stage "Renegade Show"
  • Huge Juggling Gymnasium
  • Large Outdoor oval
  • 2 Public Shows

MJC Pre-registration is available now through the MJC website.
To be covered by insurance, riders need a 'Unicycling Pass' - this is FREE for AUS members, or otherwise can be obtained for $5 at the event. (The pass provides a 3 day temporary AUS membership). Non-riders (spectators and "just jugglers") can enter the unicycle hall and watch, but can't ride.
With many fun activities planned over the weekend, the Unicycle Pass allows everyone involved to have as much fun as possible whilst still being legal! Expect some good hockey matches each day and Coker rides as well as freestyle & some racing (eg 100M and maybe a slow board), as well as tours of the area!
Restrictions that unicyclists need to know about:

  • Pedals: - Unicycles must be equipped with plastic pedals
  • Tyres:- Please ensure non-marking tyres are fitted
  • MJC reserves the right to exclude riders from activities if they are deemed unsafe or damaging to the venue.

The Melbourne Juggling Convention '08 website is live so check it out for updates and details about performers, guests and workshops!!

Sydney Bicycle Film Festival

3-16 November 2008, Newtown, Sydney, NSW
Don't forget that the Sydney Bicycle Film Festival is looking for unicyclists to participate in its festivities in November.
Unicyclists are welcome to participate in all events; contact the AUS secretary to get involved.
Festival events include free social rides, unicycle hockey demonstration, unicycle trials demo, Bike Love Street Parade (unicycles welcome) and cycling films at Dendy (were hoping they'll be including unicycling films). For information about the festival and individual events, see the Bicycle Film Festival website.

Induni tour 2009

Ken Looi has announced a new unicycle tour - the India Unicycle Tour - scheduled for April 2009 or Induni '09 for short. If you are interested in this Unitour, contact Ken at Adventure Unicyclist to be put on the Induni mailing list for updates and registration. Numbers are limited to 30 - so make it quick

Unicon XV

Don't forget UNICON XV is in Wellington, New Zealand from 27 December 2009 to 7 Jan 2010!

Uninats 2009 News

Wollongong, April 10-13, 2009

Those who attended the AGM at Uninats in Sydney will know that Wollongong riders have volunteered to host the next AUS Uninats. We've been working on a date, and are currently aiming for the next Uninats to be held over Easter weekend 2009, which is in mid-April (10-13th).
Pencil this date into your diary and keep it free for 4 fun filled days of riding! I wouldn't book any flights just yet - everything is still "subject to change". We hope to confirm the date and location once we've been able to book the key venues!

Recent events

Have you ridden the lobster yet?

Report from Geoff Huntley
In June this year, 35 teams from around the globe pushed it to the brink in the Ride the Lobster Unicycle Race in Canada.
Ride the Lobster runs from Yarmouth to Baddeck in Nova Scotia - at 800kms, it's the world's longest unicycle race. Adopting a Tour de France style, the race is run in five stages over five days, with teams of three riders riding in relay.
Teams from Germany, New Zealand and the US ended up taking this year's top three places, with only 18 minutes separating the top two teams over the five days:

  1. St Margaret's Bay Tourism Association, German Speeders
  2. HUB Cycle, Team NZUNI
  3. Southwest Shore, Texacali

The Australian team (smile) finished #5th overall and won day #4 (with a 5 minute lead on everyone else). Here's a video that Geoff Huntley from Melbourne made which showcases RTL.
Heaps of photos can be found on Geoffs gallery site.
You can view all team rankings and times and read about the race and see video and photos on the official website.
And if you're wondering, Nova Scotia apparently is shaped like a lobster....


Love of uni .....

Rod (ACTURS) in Canberra writes:
I would like to introduce the AUS membership to Clair Hochstetler who has arrived to live and work in Canberra. Apart from other things, Clair is a committed unicyclist from way back and he has brought his custom built 36" unicycle with him to Australia from the USA.
Clair and I have already ridden around lake Burley Griffin, and we have introduced Clair for the first time, to unicycle hockey at our regular training session on Wednesday 25th June. The main point of interest, however, is on Clair's blog.
If you scroll down a bit on his page you will find a picture of Clair riding to school with his three brothers in 1968, on a home built customised 42" unicycle. The rest of the story is on the blog page. I think this is amazing! How many other people can we find who were riding big wheel unicycles in the late '60s?

Recently in the news....

A 2000Km ride - 'Unusual Sharp Street treat', Cooma Monaro Express, 19 June 2008
A career in unicycling - 'Unicycle to circus fame', Wyndham Leader, 24 June 2008

Membership Renewals

Renew early and save!

The AUS membership year runs from July 1 to June 30 in each year. AUS membership for the 2007/08 year was valid until June 30th 2008 and has now expired (unless you obtained a 2 year membership last year!)
If your membership has expired, renewals for 2008/09 (and 2009/10) are now available. Renewing within 3 months of your old membership expiring saves you $5 - renewing for 2 years is even cheaper. You can renew your 2007/08 membership online.
Renewing your AUS membership now will cover you for AUS events until next June 30th, including the Unicycle events at MJC and the proposed 2009 Uninats in Wollongong in April.