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Uninats 2013 to host the 4th Asia Pacific Unicycling Championships

By crisb - Posted on 21 October 2012

Uninats, with added APUC!

It's official -  ACT Unicycle Riders will be the hosts for Uninats 2013, the Australian Unicycle Championships, between the 12th and 16th of December 2013 in Canberra ACT.

In turn, Uninats 2013 will be the host for the 4th Asia Pacific Unicycle Championships (APUC).

Australia will be hosting international riders from Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and hopefully Japan and the Phillipines at the 2013 Uninats, which will be held

Hosting APUC will give all Australian riders a chance to meet, ride and compete with great overseas unicyclists, and gives us a chance to repay the hospitality provided to Australians in every host country at previous Asia-Pacific events.

As an official event of the Canberra 100 centenary celebrations, Uninats 2013 will benefit from the experienced organising team from ACTURS and also the great venues and facilities in our national capital.

Keep watching the AUS website for further information as the detailed program is confirmed and we can open registrations.

Why December?

Finding dates which align with holidays and school breaks across Asia meant that next December was the best option, despite it being late in the year and quite a wait from the last Uninats.

To make sure you get your unicycling fix, AUS would like to organise as many 'mini' events as possible in the next year to keep everyone busy. If you would like to run an event day or weekend in your area, please get in touch!