Uninats 2009 Results

Here are the results of competitions held at Uninats 2009

Winners of each event are the current Uninats Champions, and current Australian Champions if they are resident in Australia.

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Sydney Unicycle Hockey makes local news

Sydney Unicycle Hockey caught the attention of local news recently. You can read about the team in The Glebe newspaper online, 'New in Newtown: hockey on one wheel' (although not very new, they have been playing for ten years!), and check out the awesome photos and video!

3 Oceans Unicycle Tour

Cycling across this country is a big enough challenge for anyone but doing it on a unicycle takes real determination and hardy bike shorts. Twenty-four year old, Sid Rajan, is planning to do an Australian first by unicycling from Perth to Sydney, to raise funds for Australia's Humour Foundation Clown Doctors and an Indian Art of Living Foundation project. 

This amazing ride will be done in stages to accommodate Sid's university studies. The first stage from Perth to Adelaide will run over June and July, and he'll complete the second stage from Adelaide through Melbourne and Canberra to Sydney in November. Sid will start out with a support crew (big thanks to his mum and dad!) and then finish the ride on his own.

If you want to help out, come to the fundraiser in Melbourne on 7 August. The main event will be the live music of Better Than The Wizards.

Keep up with Sid on his blog: www.3oceansunicycletour.com

Some of the media coverage he's received so far:

The Morning Show on Channel 7

The Today Show on Channel 9

The Age

Induni Unitour was Awesome!

Last month, 7 unicyclists spent 12 days riding through northern India; we had a fantastic time. Since then, we've worked on assembling photos, newspaper articles etc and I'd like to share some of these with everyone.

First up, here is a listing of the participants, showing showing the tour's elevation profile, and a table of links to GPS data that Nathan Hoover assembled, with links to view each segment in GoogleEarth and GoogleMaps.

From the rider's point of view, this tour consisted of 7 riders (plus Jason Williams of Grasshopper Adventures on bike, 2 support vehicle drivers, and a local guide).

Here is Nathan Hoover's journal, which he wrote during the tour. Day 5 (3rd riding day) was the "money day", with a 40km climb that ascended a full 2000m. We got some great photos that day and it was incredible riding. We started that morning in the hot lowlands and finished in the afternoon in the Himalyas in a little town that could've easily been high in Nepal.

Ken Looi organised the tour and has more information available at the official website.

Unicon 15 is coming to New Zealand - Registration OPEN

Ken Looi would like to extend a warm invitation to all AUS members to attend Unicon XV, The 15th Unicycle World Championships and Convention. It takes place in Wellington, New Zealand, from 27th December 2009 to 7 January 2010.

UNICON is the biggest event in Unicycling, with hundreds of unicyclists attending from up to 30 different countries. This is the first ever Southern Hemisphere UNICON, and the first UNICON held over New Year. Come and celebrate with other unicyclists, ride in spectacular scenery, duel it out on the hockey court, or just meet other unicyclists from around the world. It's a great opportunity to represent Australia in your sport, or enjoy the many unicycling activities so close to home.

Registrations are now open on the Unicon website: www.uniconxv.co.nz

Enter early and save with a reduced entry fee before 1 Sept 2009.

For more questions, email: unicon15 [at] gmail [dot] com

See you later this year!

Ken Looi
Organising Committee

Uninats 2009 Group Photo

Emma sent in the first group shot from Uninats 2009. Click on the image for the full size version.

Click for full size image

Image (C) 2009 Emma F

Unitours in progress!

Tasmanian Unitour

After Uninats, Tony Melton and Tynan Rollo have headed straight to Tasmania  to join Aubin Gill and a few other keen Australian riders in a ride from Launceston to Hobart via the scenic route. You can follow their progress at the 2nd Tasmanian Unitour website.

India Unitour

Geoffrey Huntley from Sydney is with Ken Looi and 5 other big wheel riders in the last few days of their 12 day, 500km ride across north-eastern India. Internet access has been rare, but you can see some photos and follow their adventures on the Induni blog.

Medals and Ribbons

If you were awarded any ribbons or the Uninats medal and were not able to collect it at one of the presentations, we'll be posting it out to you at the address recorded for your membership. Make sure you let us know ASAP if you've moved and haven't updated your details.

For some reason we managed to run out of 2nd place ribbons, so we'll be ordering some more, which means it will be a few weeks before we can send those out - this will affect 2nd place winners in Trials, Street and Muni.


Uninats Photos, Videos and Media Coverage



Video Comp entries

Press Coverage

There are 2 Uninats articles in the Illawara Mercury

There should also be coverage of the event and footage of the Trials on the WIN evening news on Monday 13th, according to the cameraman. We'll post it here if we can get a copy.


If you have photos or videos to add here, send them to aus_newsletter [at] unicycling [dot] org [dot] au (the editor) (photos or links).

Uninats 2009 is over!

Uninats 2009 is over! It was great to see both familiar and new faces at all the events and we hope you all had a great time.

Thank you to all the people who helped organise Uninats 2009 and made it run as smoothly as it did, including whoever organised the torrential downpour this morning to stop on cue in time for the Street comp to start!

Please send us copies or links to all your photos and video and we'll start putting together the picture gallery...

Cris & Rochelle, Sydney and for Scott, Wollongong

Official Uninats Program now Available

The official program of events for Uninats is now available in PDF format. Printed copies will be available at check-in, but if you want to read or print your own advance copy, you can download it here.

(This file is intended to be printed double-sided on A4 landscape to give an A5 booklet).


The muni course will be out at Appin. The test run of this course was too good to turn away from. That, and I don’t know of any other place suitable. And who could turn there back on a place where frogs and turtles come out in the rain. There will be three options available:
1) For the young, beginner and tentative muniest – 1km easy out and back course
2) For those who like muni – 4.9km
3) For those who love muni and are a bit fitter than others – 9.8km (2 laps of the 4.9km course)

This is a great cross country track set up by the Wollongong Mountain Bike Club (www.wmbc.org.au). How good, the mountain bike State Championships were held at Appin in 2008. There’s plenty of single track, some drops, a creek crossing and if it’s been raining there’ll be some decent puddles.

Start time: 11.30am
Meet: Appin Scout Hall. From Wollongong, head up Mt. Ousley and take the Appin Road near Bulli. After entering the 60 kph zone in Appin, turn right into Burke St and drive to the Scout Hall at the end of the road. About 30 minutes from Wollongong.

Unicycle.com will be at Uninats 2009

Unicycle.com will be at Uninats 2009 & look forward to catching up with clients new & old!  We will have an assortment of stock, including gloves, armour, saddles, DVD’s magazines, and of course a range of unicycles. We will have some demo stock that can be tried out & we will have some “show special” prices over the weekend of Uninats.

Games Lab

After the success of the Games Lab at the 2008 Melbourne Juggling Convention (MJC) it will make a reappearance at Uninats 2009. Presented by Scott Griffin and his lovely assistant Julian Orbach. The Games Lab is an opportunity to try out a variety of games on unicycles. For example: clumps, fruit salad and chain tag. Any game you can think of is worth trying. Fun and whimsical. Something for all ages and beings. I give it a 4 out 5.

More on workshops

This year will hopefully be the year of workshops. A chance for all riders to learn new skills and share skills they currently have. I would like to open up this skill sharing to literally anything you would like to share. For example, at previous Sydney Juggling Convention’s Julian Orbach took a photography workshop and Scott Griffin took a workshop on how to put a latex glove on your head and blow it up. Both workshops were well attended. There were of course numerous juggling workshops. Scott plans on running the glove workshop at Uninats. Added to the glove workshop will be ‘how to put a balloon sculpting balloon up your nose and out your mouth’.

The workshops are going to work like this. There is going to be a large piece of butcher’s paper stuck up somewhere prominent. The butcher’s paper will be divided into tree columns representing three different workshop areas, and will also be divided into hourly segments. Anyone can then write up a workshop they plan on teaching.

If you’re interested in running a workshop then raise your typing fingers now and tell us what’s on ya mind by emailing uninats [at] gmail [dot] com or just turn up and do your thang. If you tell us what’s on ya mind, we can tell others and get them excited. Spread the word and go in peace.