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Uninats Party

Join us for the traditional Uninats party - open to all - at Smith’s Hill High School on Saturday night.
Theme:  The theme is red and black, so get creative!
Catering:  You can bring your own food or pre-order pizza (fixed menu) at the registration desk on Saturday.  Pizza will be served during the video comp at the party.

Flatland competition

For the first time, Uninats will be holding a flatland competition. The flatland comp will be held at Smith’s Hill High School on Saturday 11 April, and will be judged by the judges of the freestyle comp. Not sure what flatland is? Here are the official IUF rules:
3.4 Flatland Overview
AGE GROUP: Junior (0-14) and Senior class (15-UP), male/female separated (3 riders are the minimum requirement for each category). If there are less than 3 riders for one of the categories, those riders will compete in the older age groups. If there are less than three females or less than three males overall, the male and female categories are merged.
TIME LIMIT: Two minutes. Competitors are allowed to go over the time-limit (as long the line was started before the limit elapsed, and as long the line is continued without interruptions).
UNICYCLES: Any type and any number.
MUSIC, COSTUME AND PROPS: Riders are encouraged to bring their own music, but it is not judged. Costume is not judged. Host can provide props (for example: a grind bar) for all, and they can be removed easily for riders who want them out of the way. Competitors are also allowed to bring props (for example: a Basketball, second person for acrobatic assistance, special small obstacle.....) but these props must be available for all competitors. Competitors must announce any planned props at least four weeks before the competition starts. If the host allows the announced props, he should also inform all registered competitors about it immediately.

Uninats timetable/venue updates

Here are some updates for Uninats 2009:

  • the 10k race is confirmed for 7am Sunday, 12 April 
  • the street comp will be held at 8:30am Monday, 13 April, at Fairy Meadow skatepark, (Guest Park, Cambridge Road, Fairy Meadow, Wollongong)

Video Competition

Uninats 2009 will once again hold a Video Competition!

Currently scheduled to be held during the party on Saturday night (as in 2007), the competition provides a chance to show off the best of your riding and editing skills to an appreciative audience. There might even be prizes!

Rules & Info:

  • You can't enter a film you entered in a previous Uninats!
  • Films should be no more than 5 minutes long.
  • We'll use a laptop to play the entries, so we can probably play most file formats and USB media (USB sticks/drives etc.), but to be on the safe side, you should probably bring a regular DVD as well.
  • You can make multiple entries, but if we have too many entries, you'll need to give an order of preference and we may play only 1.
  • Other rules might be made up as we go along!

For inspiration, see some of last years entries and winners at the Uninats 2007 Photos and Videos page.

Uninats 2009 Poster

Here is the Uninats 2009 Poster, designed by Ashley Curtis, winner of the poster design competition. Printed copies have been distributed to groups and shops, but you are welcome to download and print your own for your local group, shop or bedroom wall..

The file is available as a large size attachment below.

UNINATs Poster Competition Winner

Well done and thanks to those who entered the poster competition. Apologies for my slackness in uploading them to the website for judging by the public. In this absence, a small panel of judges has determined the winner to be Ashley Curtis.

Congratulations Ashley on winning a free ticket to Uninats.

Scott, UNINATS Organiser

Venues, Addresses & Maps

The Main Venues for Uninats 2009 are:

Smith's Hill High School

35 -37 Gipps Street, Wollongong. NSW, 2500, Australia.

Saturday 11th from 8.30am - freestyle, flatland, hockey, basketball, workshops, party

Sunday 12th from 1pm - Trials

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Beaton Park Leisure Centre

Foleys Lane, Gwynneville, NSW 2500‎

Sunday 12th from 9am - track and field

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Fairy Meadow Skate Park

Guest Park, Cambridge Avenue, Fairy Meadow

Monday 13th - 8.30am - Street Competition

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Wollongong Mountain Bike Club Course, Appin

Appin Scout Hut, Market Street, Appin NSW

At 11.00pm - Muni ("Mountain" Unicycling)

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Uninats 2009 Timetable of Events

Official Program now available

The official program of events is now available to download.

Outline timetable

This is a rough outline of the timetable of events for Uninats 2009 - it is not being updated, as the official program is now available - see above or left.

All events and times are subject to change!

Friday 10th April 2009

Friday Afternoon/Evening

3.45pm - 4.30pm - Kieraview Accommodation : Early Registration - pickup your number & wristband

4.30pm - Meet at Kieraview Accommodation for Social Ride around Wollongong - a scenic ride allong the beach to Flagstaff hill and back. See the Social Ride page for details.

Saturday 11th April 2009

Smiths Hill High School

35 -37 Gipps Street, Wollongong. NSW, 2500

Doors open 8.30AM

Times and room location for sessions subject to change! Check at the registration desk on the day to confirm final details.

IUF Skill Level Testing News

Skill level testing is important as it reinforces a rider’s skill standards and provides a graduated development plan. It is good to know your skill level, especially if you want more higher level challenges and if you want to go to overseas competitions.

To be able to test riders for skill levels, you have to attend a skill level testing workshop at UNICON every two years or be trained and tested by someone who has been to the UNICON workshops. There are a few sites with information but the official IUF site is a good one because it gives hints on how to do some of the harder skills.

Exchange Student Unicyclist - Host Wanted

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange has contacted the AUS to let us know that a 17 year old student from Germany who is a keen unicyclist will be coming to Australia in February 09 to attend a high school for the year.

Maire-Christin is a champion unicyclist. She does unicycle freestyle, racing and group training, as well as being interested in art and learning to surf. SCCE is looking for an Australian family to host her during her stay.

If you are a unicycling family or your club would benefit from a keen unicyclist and you are interested in hosting this student (anywhere in Australia considered), please contact Robert Lindsay at Southern Cross Cultural Exchange.

Tel: +61 (0)3 9775 4711
Fax: +61 (0)3 9775 4971
Toll Free: 1800 500 501
Post: Locked Bag 1200, Mt Eliza , Victoria , 3930
email: robert [dot] l [at] scce [dot] com [dot] au

Get ready – UNINATS 2009 is coming!

The organising is underway with dates set for the Easter long weekend, 11- 13th April 2009 in Wollongong NSW.

The hall and outdoor courts of Smith’s Hill High School have been booked as the venue for freestyle and hockey competitions, as well as workshops on the Saturday. There are three courts available, so at this stage it is anticipated that we’ll have one court dedicated to hockey and other team games, another to free play, and another for workshops. There are also a few fun obstacles and a gliding challenge course around the courts. This venue will also be available on Easter Sunday.

Nearby, the synthetic athletics track at Beaton Park Leisure Centre has been booked for races on the Sunday. The leisure centre also features other facilities for those interested in winding down in a spa, sauna or pool (or warm down unicycle on treadmill).

P.S. Ashley Curtis, I have started training for the 10km. You can win all the track races but you won’t win the 10km. Third at the world champs just won’t cut it for UNINATS 09!

Uninats 2009

Uninats 2009 will be in Wollongong, NSW over Easter weekend 10th-13th April
Main venues are:

Timetables and registration information is available from the menu on the left


UniNats 2016

UniNats 2014 will be held on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, from the 29th September-3rd October 2016, hosted by the Sunshine Coast unicycle riders and Sunshine Unicycles.

UniNats 2015

UniNats 2015 was held in Darwin, NT, from 9th-13th July 2015 and was hosted by the Darwin unicycle club.

UniNats 2014

UniNats 2014 was held on the Northen Beaches of Sydney, NSW from the 3rd-6th October 2014, hosted by NBUC - the Northern Beaches Unicycle Club.

UniNats 2013

UniNats 2013 with the Asia Pacific Unicycle Championships (APUC) 2013 - was held in Canberra ACT from the 12-16th December 2013, hosted by the ACT Unicycle Riders Society.

For more details see the ACTURS Uninats 2013 website.

UniNats 2012

UniNats 2012 was held in Melbourne VIC over the March (Victorian) long weekend - 9th-12th March 2012, hosted by the Melbourne Unicycle Riders.

UniNats 2010

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