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Trials - Final Results

By crisb - Posted on 14 March 2012

The Expert Open Male category in the trials competition came down to a repeat of the Uninats 2010 battle between Joel Gleeson and Kevin Wharton, tied on 30 points each after completing every line in the Trials course.

This year Joel turned the tables and emerged the victor, claiming the title of Australian National Unicycle Trials Champion! We hope to have video soon - look for the Photos and Videos link.

The trials winners in each group are shown below.  Ribbons will be posted out. Individual results will be published when we type up the full event results.



Group Position
Name Points
Novice Junior Male 3rd Tom Nolan 10
    1st Equal Ben Weller 13
    1st Equal Joseph Baronio 13
Novice Open Male 2nd Equal Luke Ingrames 8
    2nd Equal Charles Allum 8
    1st Jock Girvan 22
Novice Masters Male 3rd Cris Bailiff 3
    2nd Ty Peters 6
    1st Ben Loh 7
Novice Junior Female 1st Madeline O'Connor 6
Novice Open Female 1st Kim Monty 4
Novice Masters Female 2nd Rochelle Braaf 2
    1st Christine O'Connor 3



Group Position
Name Points
Expert Junior Male 3rd Cameron Blight 10
    2nd Chris Singer 18
    1st Waylon Batt 24
Expert Open Male 3rd Equal Brandon Nankivell 26
    3rd Equal Jack Mildred 26
    2nd Kevin Wharton 30
    1st Joel Gleeson 31
Expert Masters Male 1st Rob O'Brien 19
Expert Open Female 1st Debbie Hyder 5