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Uninats 2016 FAQ

Here are answers to some common Uninats questions:

  • Will there be anything for me to do as a beginner/new rider if I come to Uninats?

Although Uninats is called a competition, it is intended to also be a festival and celebration of unicycling. Any rider, of any age or ability, is welcome to take part. There will be plenty of non-competitive activities, such as workshops and games, and there are separate age and gender categories for riders in the competitive events. You are guaranteed to learn a lot and be inspired!

  • Do I have to register in advance or can I register when I get there?

It's much cheaper if you register in advance on the AUS website, but if you can't manage that, you can still register when you get to the event.

  • Do I have to be an AUS member? How do I join?

Yes, you must be a current AUS member to take part in Uninats, This ensures you are covered by our public liability insurance, but membership is included in your Uninats registration fee.

If you have not already completed an AUS membership form in the past, you  You can join by filling out the form on this website (under membership) and posting it in or simply bringing it with you to Uninats. We will also have copies of the form available at the registration desk.

  • Can I just come and watch? Do I have to pay if I just want to go in a few events?

Anyone can come and be a spectator or non-rider at Uninats. If you want to ride a unicycle at any time, you must register, pay, and be a current AUS member. You could pay for just one day if you are unsure if you want to take part (although this will be more expensive).

  • Do I have to pre-register to be in a race or competition?

For team and freestyle events, (basketball, hockey and particularly pairs/group freestyle), you must pre-register for Uninats 2016.

For the rest of the events, no - you don't need to pre-register for most events or activities at Uninats - just show up in good time at the right place. The registration form questions are to guide us on numbers only.

  • Is there a wheel size limit for the 10K ride and races?

There are two categories of wheel size for the 10k ride - 20"-24" and ‘Open Wheel’. There will be placings in each category for the 10K. The track events will be limited to 24" maximum wheel size for an official result, except for the 1600m Open Wheel race. The official IUF measurement is the outside diameter of the wheel and tyre, which must be under 24.333" (61.8cm). A fat tyre on a 24" rim may be over this limit, but a skinny tyre on a 26" rim might actually be under this measurement.

  • I can only make it for part of the weekend - can I register for just one days events?

Yes - we have set a price of $30 for single day registration - apply at the registration desk when you arrive. This includes AUS membership fees.