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Flatland competition

By Rochelle - Posted on 15 March 2009

For the first time, Uninats will be holding a flatland competition. The flatland comp will be held at Smith’s Hill High School on Saturday 11 April, and will be judged by the judges of the freestyle comp. Not sure what flatland is? Here are the official IUF rules:
3.4 Flatland Overview
AGE GROUP: Junior (0-14) and Senior class (15-UP), male/female separated (3 riders are the minimum requirement for each category). If there are less than 3 riders for one of the categories, those riders will compete in the older age groups. If there are less than three females or less than three males overall, the male and female categories are merged.
TIME LIMIT: Two minutes. Competitors are allowed to go over the time-limit (as long the line was started before the limit elapsed, and as long the line is continued without interruptions).
UNICYCLES: Any type and any number.
MUSIC, COSTUME AND PROPS: Riders are encouraged to bring their own music, but it is not judged. Costume is not judged. Host can provide props (for example: a grind bar) for all, and they can be removed easily for riders who want them out of the way. Competitors are also allowed to bring props (for example: a Basketball, second person for acrobatic assistance, special small obstacle.....) but these props must be available for all competitors. Competitors must announce any planned props at least four weeks before the competition starts. If the host allows the announced props, he should also inform all registered competitors about it immediately.
JUDGING METHOD: Originality and creativity are 40% of the score. Consistency and Difficulty is 60%. The emphasis is on unicycle skills, with less emphasis on "show."