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More on workshops

By scott - Posted on 31 March 2009

This year will hopefully be the year of workshops. A chance for all riders to learn new skills and share skills they currently have. I would like to open up this skill sharing to literally anything you would like to share. For example, at previous Sydney Juggling Convention’s Julian Orbach took a photography workshop and Scott Griffin took a workshop on how to put a latex glove on your head and blow it up. Both workshops were well attended. There were of course numerous juggling workshops. Scott plans on running the glove workshop at Uninats. Added to the glove workshop will be ‘how to put a balloon sculpting balloon up your nose and out your mouth’.

The workshops are going to work like this. There is going to be a large piece of butcher’s paper stuck up somewhere prominent. The butcher’s paper will be divided into tree columns representing three different workshop areas, and will also be divided into hourly segments. Anyone can then write up a workshop they plan on teaching.

If you’re interested in running a workshop then raise your typing fingers now and tell us what’s on ya mind by emailing uninats [at] gmail [dot] com or just turn up and do your thang. If you tell us what’s on ya mind, we can tell others and get them excited. Spread the word and go in peace.