Riding and hockey at Sydney Spring Cycle, 19 October 2008

Sydney Unicycle Hockey at Spring CycleThe Spring Cycle is one of Sydney's most popular rides to and around Olympic Park, Homebush. Tens of thousands participated this year in the rides and events.

This year, Sydney Unicycle Hockey players were invited to give a demonstration game at Homebush. On a sweltering court, the riders put on a competitive and closely fought match, providing great entertainment for spectators. Thanks to everyone who played and helped out!

Trials riders amaze at Newtown Festival, Sydney, NSW

This year the Newtown festival (9 November) saw a bumper crowd, with thousands of people getting down with the beats and yummy food on a hot and steamy Sunday in Sydney's inner west – with a special unicycle treat.

It's pretty rare to see unicyclists go up against two wheeled riders on a trials course. 

Lucky revelers got to see just that, as local champs Rhys Kember, Dan Cowling, Matty P, Kev Wharton and Isaac Conyers demonstrated their amazing skills and, let's face it, balls in a trials demonstration with bicyclists. 

AUS Trials Crew @ NewtownThe riders drew a pretty big crowd for most of the day, with highlights (for this observer) being the uni jumps off the roof of the truck and Rhys' attempts at a unicycle front-flip from a pile of pallets, amid chants of 'Flip! Flip! Flip!' from the crowd. While he didn't quite get there – but oh so close – we hope to see a second attempt at UNINATS 2009 or UNICON in NZ!

Pallet jumping


Exchange Student Unicyclist - Host Wanted

Southern Cross Cultural Exchange has contacted the AUS to let us know that a 17 year old student from Germany who is a keen unicyclist will be coming to Australia in February 09 to attend a high school for the year.

Maire-Christin is a champion unicyclist. She does unicycle freestyle, racing and group training, as well as being interested in art and learning to surf. SCCE is looking for an Australian family to host her during her stay.

If you are a unicycling family or your club would benefit from a keen unicyclist and you are interested in hosting this student (anywhere in Australia considered), please contact Robert Lindsay at Southern Cross Cultural Exchange.

Tel: +61 (0)3 9775 4711
Fax: +61 (0)3 9775 4971
Toll Free: 1800 500 501
Post: Locked Bag 1200, Mt Eliza , Victoria , 3930
Web: www.scce.com.au
email: robert [dot] l [at] scce [dot] com [dot] au

Get ready – UNINATS 2009 is coming!

The organising is underway with dates set for the Easter long weekend, 11- 13th April 2009 in Wollongong NSW.

The hall and outdoor courts of Smith’s Hill High School have been booked as the venue for freestyle and hockey competitions, as well as workshops on the Saturday. There are three courts available, so at this stage it is anticipated that we’ll have one court dedicated to hockey and other team games, another to free play, and another for workshops. There are also a few fun obstacles and a gliding challenge course around the courts. This venue will also be available on Easter Sunday.

Nearby, the synthetic athletics track at Beaton Park Leisure Centre has been booked for races on the Sunday. The leisure centre also features other facilities for those interested in winding down in a spa, sauna or pool (or warm down unicycle on treadmill).

P.S. Ashley Curtis, I have started training for the 10km. You can win all the track races but you won’t win the 10km. Third at the world champs just won’t cut it for UNINATS 09!

In the news.....

Down the Mountain

The Chronicle (14 November 2008) reports on on Kevin Wharton's ride down Toowoomba's Table Top mountain on his unicycle. Footage:

We welcome our robotic unicycling overlords..

It was only a matter of time before we saw the first unicycling robot. At the Ceatec electronics show which opened in Japan in September 2008, the Kyoto-based electronics company, Murata Manufacturing, showcased Seiko, a robot that rides a unicycle.


Unicycle Trials at Newtown Festival

Sunday 9 November 2008, Newtown, Sydney, NSW

In conjunction with Sydney Bicycle Film Festival, AUS is holding an invitational trials competition at the Newtown Festival

Top Australian riders - Rhys Kember, Dan Cowling, Matty P, Kev Wharton and Isaac Conyers will be competing against 2 wheeled riders for honour and glory!

There's also a chance that one of these guys will attempt a unicycle back-flip, which would be a world first in competition!

The trials will be held between 12.00pm and 3pm at the trials site at the festival - approximate location is shown on the map below.

The Newtown festival is on all day, with stalls, food, shows and bands, so make a day of it! Full details at the festival website.

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October 2008


Riding and Hockey at Sydney Spring Cycle

Sunday 19 October 2008

Ride in the Spring Cycle event or come and entertain with your uni skills at Olympic Park in Sydney on Sunday 19 October. The Spring Cycle is one of Sydney's most popular rides. There are four routes to choose from: Ride North Sydney (40km), Ride The Park (7km), Ride Liverpool (20km), Ride Blacktown all finishing at Olympic Park, Homebush.

Sydney Unicycle Hockey will be playing a demonstration match on the Olympic concourse at 1pm till 2pm. The organisers are also planning on doing a live cross to the hockey demonstration, so people can watch it on the big screen. If you want to join in the game, bring a red and black T-shirt!

You can read more details about Spring Cycle and register on the website.

Unicycle Trials at Sydney Bicycle Film Festival

9 November 2008, Newtown, Sydney, NSW

If you are a keen unicycle trials rider, Sydney Bicycle Film Festival is building a trials course at the Newtown Festival, and is inviting the AUS to select riders to participate.

If you are keen to ride, contact the aus_secretary [at] unicycling [dot] org [dot] au (AUS Secretary) ASAP with your contact details. This should be a blast, with a big crowd ready to be wowed by your skills!

July 2008

Upcoming events


26 July - Copenhagen, Denmark.
It's too late to register, as the event is full and registration is closed, but for information and updates check the UNICON website
Good luck to all the Australian unicyclists (go you good things) in Denmark for UNICON!

AUS at the Melbourne Juggling Convention

26-28 September 2008, Collingwood College
With support from the AUS, the Melbourne Juggling Convention will host a mini unicycling festival for the first time as part of its festivities. Melbourne AUS members are working to put together a programme of organised unicycle events, in addition to the free riding in the dedicated unicycle hall - see below.

  • Special Guests
  • Dedicated Unicycle Hall
  • Lentil As Anything - Caterers
  • Juggling and Unicycle Olympics
  • Open-Stage "Renegade Show"
  • Huge Juggling Gymnasium
  • Large Outdoor oval
  • 2 Public Shows

MJC Pre-registration is available now through the MJC website.
To be covered by insurance, riders need a 'Unicycling Pass' - this is FREE for AUS members, or otherwise can be obtained for $5 at the event. (The pass provides a 3 day temporary AUS membership). Non-riders (spectators and "just jugglers") can enter the unicycle hall and watch, but can't ride.
With many fun activities planned over the weekend, the Unicycle Pass allows everyone involved to have as much fun as possible whilst still being legal! Expect some good hockey matches each day and Coker rides as well as freestyle & some racing (eg 100M and maybe a slow board), as well as tours of the area!

May 2008

Upcoming Events

Ride The Lobster

16 June Nova Scotia, Canada

35 teams representing 13 countries, many from the US as well as South Korea, Singapore, UK, will take part in Ride The Lobster, an 800km unicycle race in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada on June 16th, 2008. There's still time to arrange your trip to Canada if you've recovered from Vietnam! More details at the website.

Australian Team for UNICON XIV

25 July-4 August, Copenhagen, Denmark

A reminder that unicyclists are still wanted for the Australian team to participate at UNICON in Copenhagen. This is your chance to participate in the biggest international unicycling event, meet other unicyclists from around the world and learn new skills. The draft program is now available, as well as information about registering, facilities, accommodation etc. from the UNICON website. For those intending to go, please contact Ashley chickenloaf_au [at] yahoo [dot] com (Curtis) who is co-ordinating the Australia team.

Unicycling Mini Festival at MJC 2008

26-28 September, Collingwood College, Melbourne VIC

With insurance assistance from the AUS, the Melbourne Juggling Festival will be able to welcome unicyclists for the first time in 2008. The plans include a dedicated unicycling hall and unicycling events and workshops. More details will be forthcoming at the MJC website.

April 2008

Upcoming Events

Unicycle Hockey mini-meet in Sydney - April 20th

As preparation for Unicon 14 (see below), Sydney Unicycle Hockey and Canberra riders are planning to get together for a day of hockey on April 20th.

The proposed plan is to meet at 11.30am (to give ACTURS riders time to come from Canberra) at the usual Hockey location in Newtown, Sydney. All riders welcome. See the Sydney Unicycle Hockey page or contact chickenloaf_au [at] yahoo [dot] com (Ashley) to confirm details, or just turn up for hockey as usual!

February 2008

News and Notices

UNICON XV in New Zealand in 2009/2010

Just announced! Wellington, New Zealand will be the host for UNICON XV from 27 December 2009 to 7 Jan 2010 - it's so close, there's no reason for you not to be there! The Kiwis are planning a full complement of events so get preparing! See what goes on in Wellington

As Unicon XV is going to be in 2009, the AUS will be considering plans for the next Uninats to ensure we don't run them too close together but still make sure that the Australian team is on top-form for Unicon!

December 2007


Australia wins in Asian Pacific Unicycle Hockey Convention!

Asia Pacific Unicycle (Hockey) Convention

What a fantastic competition! If you haven't heard by now, Australia took out the inaugural Asia Pacific Unicycle Hockey Convention in Singapore in November. Team players (in alphabetical order) Cris B, Ashley Curtis (Captain), Ty P, Matt P and Nic V were outstanding in tough conditions - 33 degrees and 90% humidity, playing with no reserve team members (but exceptional support from their single person cheer squad and blow up mascot). The competition was friendly but fiercely competitive and there's no doubt that Australia dominated:

  • Australia vs Hong Kong 1 - 0

  • Australia vs Singapore 10 - 0

  • Australia vs Singapore (under 21s) 5 - 1

  • Australia vs South Korea 3 – 2

Positions second to fourth were determined on goal difference, with all of the other teams winning two and losing two games. Hong Kong finished second, South Korea third, Singapore fourth and Singapore (under 21s) finished fifth.

October 2007

UniNats 2007 - totally rad!

How good was UniNats 2007? Well, feedback from cyberspace rated Uninats as varyingly: "rad" "wicked sick" "mint" "awesome" and "grouse" - so we're very happy about that and hope that you all enjoyed yourselves!

For those keeping stats, we had 90 registered riders and another 50 or so non-riders, which is just mint.

Uninats 2007

The official results are now available on the Uninats results page - you'll need the password 'uninats2007' to access this page (to keep peoples personal details out of search engines).

The collection of photo and video links is also growing - we have more than 300 photos linked in different albums, half a dozen video links of Uninats action, and the place-winning videos from the video competition. Check out all the updates at the photo and videos page.

You can submit own photos and links to the page, and there will also be prizes for the best pictures and video.

So many thanks to those that volunteered before, during and after the event - especially the non-riders - you're awesome!

A big thanks to everyone who came along and participated - it was great fun and we can't wait to watch the next one!

Uninats 2007 Roundup

Australian Unicycling Nationals - UniNats 2007

The 4th Australian Unicycling Nationals (Uninats) took place in Sydney, NSW from Saturday September 29th to Monday October 1st, 2007.

Uninats is now over - we hope you had a fantastic time!

A new page for collecting your Uninats photos & Videos is now online. Add your links and enter the "best photo" or "best video " competition!

The Official results are now available - see the 2007 results page. You need this password - uninats2007 - (this helps keep the page private from search engines).

September 2007

Uninats News

Only 2 weeks to go until the biggest event of the Australian Unicycle Calendar - we hope you've been practicing! Here's what we've been up to in the last few weeks:

  • The detailed timetable of events has been put up on the Uninats website - check it out so you don't miss your favourite event.

  • We have hired a minibus to help transport people without their own vehicles on Sunday (between the 10K and track) and Monday (for the Muni). Please share/offer rides where you can, but we'll be able to make sure nobody is stuck.

  • After another Trials/Street building day in Sydney (thanks to APEC), we have quite a pile of 'stuff' to challenge your skills. Sydney riders have not been allowed to practice on it!

  • We have put together the electronic timing equipment needed for speed trials, so there will be a 'flying 100' competition, to determine the fastest Australian unicyclist, at the track event on Sunday. We have clocked Ashely at an unofficial 21.9km/hr on a 24" wheel. Helmets required, Coker optional!