Street and Trials riding around Wollongong

For those who are into hopping, grinding and sliding in our hard surfaced, concreted, giant purpose-built city jungle gym, then check out the following map for street and trials areas around Wollongong city:

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Full moon drumming, dancing and fire twirling

Friday 10th April 2009, 7pm to whenever
North Beach, Wollongong, where the bronze statue is.

Howl at the moon! Its full and the time for stuff is ripe. What stuff I hear you ask? Drumming, Fire Twirling and Dancing. Whatever you dig.  Bring a friend or five, pack a bunch of smiles and do your thing. A mix of amateurs, professionals and you. Family friendly, everyone friendly. Participate as much or as little as you like. Bring a drum, bring your dancing feet, bring something to play with or laze back and soak up the happy vibe. See the map for the location:

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Join the facebook group: full moon drumming

Social ride - Friday 10 April, 4:30pm Keiraview Accommodation

Here’s the plan, take the golden an, in the tan van, give it to Dan, who will take it to Fran, ya understan...


Interpretation: A social ride is planned for Friday. We’ll meet at the Keiraview Accomodation (where you will be staying) at 4.30pm for a 4.45pm ride. The ride will take us past Smith’s Hill High School (where hockey, freestyle, workshops and trials will be held and is only a minutes ride away), past the grassy patch at North Beach where folk will be meeting up for Full Moon Drumming, Dancing and Fire Twirling at 7pm that night (see above article for details).

You will dine on Wollongong’s coastline, harbour and Flagstaff Hill before retiring to the Five Islands Brewery (a micro brewery) for dinner and drinks.

Upon completion, make your way back to that grassy patch at North Beach for Full Moon Drumming and Fire Twirling.

You might want to bring a torch...

Here is a map of the course, outlining various features along the way:

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The scenic way to Wollongong

There are a couple of scenic entries to Wollongong depending on which direction you will be arriving from. If you are coming from the south along the Hume, take the 1st exit to Wollongong. This will take you along the Illawarra Highway, through the Southern Highlands and down Macquarie Pass through the Macquarie Pass National Park. Very scenic.

Coming from the north along the Princes Highway, take the Stanwell Park exit to follow Lawrence Hargrave Drive. Quite a nice drive in itself as you meander through Wollongong’s northern suburbs nestled between escarpment and ocean. Take note of the Sea Cliff Bridge at Coalcliff.

Both routes will add about 15 minutes onto your journey.

Track and Field

Beaton Park Leisure centre (where the track and field competitions are to be held) has many facilities available to the modern unicyclist. Spa for relaxing before, during and after races; unicyclemills (treadmills) for warming up and down and around and; a giant inflatable island in the middle of the pool from 12pm to 3pm on the same day as the track and field. The canteen will also be open from 9am onwards.

Uninats on Facebook

Uninats 2009 is now on facebook!

We have a Uninats 09 Event for your calendar and a Uninats 2009 Facebook group you can join.

Remember we also have an Australian Unicycle Society Group and an Australian Unicycle Society Page as well!

(If anyone can explain the difference between all these things, please let us know, but I do know that if you subscribe to our Facebook page, you will get updates every time something new goes on our website!)

Unicon XV registrations now open!

Registrations for Unicon XV in Wellington, NZ are open, as of 1 March 2009. Registration costs will increase over the year, so register early!
01-JAN-2008 to 01-APR-2009 Fee: NZ$ 200
01-APR-2009 to 01-SEP-2009 Fee: NZ$ 250
01-SEP-2009 to 01-DEC-2009 Fee: NZ$ 350
01-DEC-2009 to 08-JAN-2010 Fee: NZ$ 500
01-JAN-2008 to 01-APR-2009 Fee: NZ$ 75
01-APR-2009 to 01-SEP-2009 Fee: NZ$ 100
01-SEP-2009 to 01-DEC-2009 Fee: NZ$ 125
01-DEC-2009 to 08-JAN-2010 Fee: NZ$ 150
At current exchange rate:
NZ$1= US 49c = AU 77c = UK 35p = Euro 39c
Register Here
Hope to see you in Wellington this year!

Uninats Party

Join us for the traditional Uninats party - open to all - at Smith’s Hill High School on Saturday night.
Theme:  The theme is red and black, so get creative!
Catering:  You can bring your own food or pre-order pizza (fixed menu) at the registration desk on Saturday.  Pizza will be served during the video comp at the party.

Flatland competition

For the first time, Uninats will be holding a flatland competition. The flatland comp will be held at Smith’s Hill High School on Saturday 11 April, and will be judged by the judges of the freestyle comp. Not sure what flatland is? Here are the official IUF rules:
3.4 Flatland Overview
AGE GROUP: Junior (0-14) and Senior class (15-UP), male/female separated (3 riders are the minimum requirement for each category). If there are less than 3 riders for one of the categories, those riders will compete in the older age groups. If there are less than three females or less than three males overall, the male and female categories are merged.
TIME LIMIT: Two minutes. Competitors are allowed to go over the time-limit (as long the line was started before the limit elapsed, and as long the line is continued without interruptions).
UNICYCLES: Any type and any number.
MUSIC, COSTUME AND PROPS: Riders are encouraged to bring their own music, but it is not judged. Costume is not judged. Host can provide props (for example: a grind bar) for all, and they can be removed easily for riders who want them out of the way. Competitors are also allowed to bring props (for example: a Basketball, second person for acrobatic assistance, special small obstacle.....) but these props must be available for all competitors. Competitors must announce any planned props at least four weeks before the competition starts. If the host allows the announced props, he should also inform all registered competitors about it immediately.

Uninats timetable/venue updates

Here are some updates for Uninats 2009:

  • the 10k race is confirmed for 7am Sunday, 12 April 
  • the street comp will be held at 8:30am Monday, 13 April, at Fairy Meadow skatepark, (Guest Park, Cambridge Road, Fairy Meadow, Wollongong)

Video Competition

Uninats 2009 will once again hold a Video Competition!

Currently scheduled to be held during the party on Saturday night (as in 2007), the competition provides a chance to show off the best of your riding and editing skills to an appreciative audience. There might even be prizes!

Rules & Info:

  • You can't enter a film you entered in a previous Uninats!
  • Films should be no more than 5 minutes long.
  • We'll use a laptop to play the entries, so we can probably play most file formats and USB media (USB sticks/drives etc.), but to be on the safe side, you should probably bring a regular DVD as well.
  • You can make multiple entries, but if we have too many entries, you'll need to give an order of preference and we may play only 1.
  • Other rules might be made up as we go along!

For inspiration, see some of last years entries and winners at the Uninats 2007 Photos and Videos page.

Uninats 2009 Poster

Here is the Uninats 2009 Poster, designed by Ashley Curtis, winner of the poster design competition. Printed copies have been distributed to groups and shops, but you are welcome to download and print your own for your local group, shop or bedroom wall..

The file is available as a large size attachment below.

Ride the Apple Isle

14 - 21 April 2009, Tasmania
One of Australia's champion junior unicyclists, Aubin Gill, is planning to unicycle from the top to bottom of Tasmania from 14 - 21 April 2009 (just after UNINATs). The ride will be part of a school project and Aubin hopes to raise funds for charity, as well as drawing some media attention to the event.
Several experienced long distance unicyclists will be joining Aubin: Tony Melton (NZ), Barry and Nic Clearwater, Sid Rajan, Matt (mr impossible) Thomas and Tynan Rollo. The event is shaping up to get very good media coverage and is scheduled to finish in Hobart at the busy Parliament House gardens during the Saturday Salamanca market, then continue to the south tip of Tassie. Fortunately, Aubin has now grown the extra 1 cm to be able to fit on the required 36” ‘Coker’.
If you are interested in joining in this ride, then contact the AUS and we will pass on your details.

UNINATs Poster Competition Winner

Well done and thanks to those who entered the poster competition. Apologies for my slackness in uploading them to the website for judging by the public. In this absence, a small panel of judges has determined the winner to be Ashley Curtis.

Congratulations Ashley on winning a free ticket to Uninats.

Scott, UNINATS Organiser

Calling for unicyclists for Bike Week event at Kallangur, Queensland

from 3.00pm, 14 March 2009
Pine Rivers Uniting Church
30 Narangba Rd, Kallangur (QLD)
As part of Bike Week '09, a bike fair will be held in the Pine Rivers Uniting Church grounds at Kallangur in Queensland, from 3pm.  Organisers are looking for unicyclists to join in the festivities, set up a stand and put on a demo.  The fair will include stalls and displays from clubs (including MTB and Roadies, as well as a BUG so far), gym, running, stretching, spin clinic etc, videos, a BMX display, coffee van, children's bike safety check-up and more.... There will be a barbecue available from 5.30pm and the movie night kicks off from 6.30pm.
If you are interested in getting involved, please email wayne [at] jester [dot] com [dot] au (Wayne).